Demo MORE Swim dedicated to the ”Lifesaving”

On March 7th, 2015 , at ” AQUATICA ” Turin pool , was made a demonstration MORESWIM (methods and processes) dedicated to the ” Lifesaving ” .

In agreement with the AQUATICA coach , a few points have been defined for the placement of the camcoders (four underwater and one outdoor).

So all cameras have been placed in predetermined positions following the layout below showed in training function requirements.

Report salvamento More Swim 1.

The test session with specific objective the step of recovery of the dummy was organized into two steps:

    1. The first consists in a natural training session viewing (by activating the video recording)
  1. The second phase was a post analysis in room involving technical and sportswomen AQUATICA .

During dummy recoveries execution of , (about 20) at some stage the coach resumed with the camera the various phases of diving, recovery and subsequent continuation of the swim ( with details that the poolside location allows ) ; this in order to compare the richness of detail than the information coming from the underwater shots during the post-analysis session.

camera 4 vista allenatore

1 – Example external coach’s field of view


2 – Example external coach’s field of view

After the session in the pool , it has gone to a review with coach and athletes of the video training session material produced .

Comparison exterior poolside and underwater fields of view

Then it proceeded to perform some detail assessments of certain stages of recoveries in order to mitigate various athlete errors, by MORESWIM software tools .

foto 3

Frontal field of view the video without math overlap info


General The post analysis session showed a particular interest by all ; Technical and athletes , triggering a moment of very pleasant and constructive , so as to lead to the creation of a structured exercise program that can hypothesize an involvement of the methods & tools MORESWIM ( appropriately harmonized and ” at the service ” of the coach ) to improve of ” athletes performance .